Logo Designing Services

Logo means face of the organization which helps company to connect its customers. Our main motive is to make your product look great which increase your profit in future for accomplishing that we provide you beautiful logo with great designs in time and affordable cost. We are specialized in Designs as we have the best team of designers who are a perfect combination of creativity and technical knowledge.

Various types of logo we provide:

  • Symbol or icon
  • Word mark
  • Letter mark
  • Combination mark
  • Emblem
  • Mascot logo

Types of services for logo Designing:

1. 2D services

2D view is normal logo comprise of words, picture etc. with a team of experts in various logo designing our teams provide best 2D logo to our clients.

2. 3D services

3D view makes logo looks more presentable and appealing. Our companies apply best 3D techniques and qualities in designing logo with 3d features.3D logo are dynamic in various medium like televisions or online.

3. Transparent logo services

Transparent logo is also in trend now days, people want to have logo with transparent effects on it and understanding this needs we bring a well efficient team who are expertise in field.

We focus on various aspects which should be taken care before creating a logo because we believe that logo helps in increasing sales of company. While designing a logo we do a proper research about company because a logo should comprise its product quality and defines its product traits.

  • Affable logo should be very simple. Affable means a person who is very friendly and easy to handle. Likewise our logo should be short and simple describes your product clearly so that became easy to remember.
  • Catchy: logo should be simple but also worth watching so that it becomes easy to remember it. There are various logos which are still remembered whether it is of Coca-Cola or it is Pepsi. It is very important that your logo make a presence among user for many years.
  • Multifaceted: If logo is short, simple and easy to understand but if it is not able to work in different mediums and applications than it is of no use therefore logo should be versatile and functional and we design it for you in a vector format so that it can be adjustable in any shape and size.
  • Relevant: logo should be more relevant and appropriate which defines its product clearly but it doesn’t means that it should display what it sells, there are various company like swift, Volkswagen deals with car but there logo isn’t represent cars. We make your Logo looks identifiable and self explanatory.

Neurons IT provides best in quality services comprises all the above principles for logo designing and helps our clients in dealing with designing logos in time efficient manner.